Machinery :


We at our plant have all the latest machinery required for producing Points and Crossings and other railway track materials. The efficiency as well as the capacity of the firm depends upon its machinery and labour force. Today with the help of our latest machinery we are capable to produce more than 1000 sets of Switches and Crossings per year which puts our name in the list of top producers. As cooking is not possible without fire, production of Points and Crossings is not possible without wide range of planners. As such most of our machinery consists of Planner machines ranging from 6 feet to 42 feet, hydraulic presses, drilling and shaping machines, bending machines, etc.


Testing Facilities :

Testing Laboratories are the heart of any industry. The quality of the material is tested in such laboratories An industry without laboratory is same as man without a heart. As a man cannot live without heart, the sustenance of an industry depends upon the laboratory. We at our works possess fully equipped chemical as well as physical testing laboratories and this is the reason for which high quality material is referred with the name of N.Mohanlal Rail track Pvt. Ltd.

Before using any raw material a chemical analysis is done out of the sample pices of such material in our chemical laboratory. The chemical reports of the laboratory are then matched or compared with the Indian Railways Standard and if the chemical composition does not match then the whole lot is rejected. We have 1 Chemical Engineer and 2 Chemists working continuously on the materials and testing them.

Our physical laboratory is well equipped with highly reliable tools and testing machines calibrated regularly. The physical tests includes tensile testing, hardness testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic testing magnetic particle testing by way of flaw detection, drifting testing, screwing-unscrewing testing, head soundness testing,etc. The material passing out of all physical tests is then certified by our engineer and then it is out for the final dimension tests.

After passing crucial stage of chemical and physical testing the material manufactured is then tested dimensionally as per the standard dimensions, drawings and gauges .This material if found as per specified dimensions of the drawings, is then sent to the dispatch and forwarding department.

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